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Are you looking for a painter or painting company for your dream home’s interior and exterior painting? You have reached the right place. No matter on earth, wherever we go, we promptly respond to colours. Despite this, the prominence of the paint is still undervalued.  The selection of the right painter and painting company for the home is essential. At VS Painting, you will find highly experienced Vasile and his team who have been in the painting industry for over 15 years. Our team has worked with the most renowned building contractors of Blackrock, Stillorgan, Dalkey, and Killieny over their hundreds of renovations and new builds. VS Painting offers quality painting services to its customers. If you are willing to hire us for interior painting, exterior painting or furniture painting, you are certainly making the best decision of your life.



Profession Painting Services in Dublin


We provide a wide range of painting services to homeowners, building contractors, interior designers, real estate agents, and others by our qualified team of professionals across Dublin.

Profession Painting Services in Dublin


For a building contractor, it is important to give a finishing touch to the project before handing it over to the client.

Profession Painting Services in Dublin


It is really difficult to find reliable tradespeople to help in the detail of the project that falls in between the client visit and handover.

Profession Painting Services in Dublin


At VS Painters, we use state-of-art techniques to provide you exceptional finish. It doesn’t matter how long and how small your project is; we will accept it without any concern.

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From a complete overhaul of the color to lightening up the living area, the fresh coat of paint leaves a huge impact on the house’s interior. Interior house painting is not a DIY project; it is more like a professional input process. Therefore, it is recommended to hire vspainters.ie, this professional service provider can make the process of painting your home’s interior a whole lot easier and less annoying. The professionals here believe in delivering quality and speedy output, so you don’t have to shift your entire household to get your interior house painting.


Exterior House painting has turned out to be an effective way to boost the curb value of your property. Professional painter at vspainters.ie, makes it easier for the property owners to give their home a complete makeover that they are expecting without any headaches, worries, or hassle.


Refinishing or painting your existing kitchen cabinets are turned to be an ideal way to give your kitchen a modern look. It is an effective solution that can probably make your renovation process quick and effortless. Moreover, since you need not worry about the removal or demolition of any unit in your existing kitchen setting, apart from that, it is also an environmentally friendly move as there is no wastage of existing resources or material in the entire painting process.


The furniture present in a house is susceptible to scratches, discoloration, and wear and tear. These are lead culprits that deprecate every individual item’s overall look as well as the whole interior of the house. Replacing the existing furniture of the house is a troublesome job; it requires lots of funds and time. Besides this, moving, finding the replacement, disassembling tasks, and looking for someone who can buy them at good rates require additional efforts. 


Maintaining a beautiful and well-painted commercial space is important to invite the attention of the new investors. If you are willing to hire the best commercial painting services for your business that can stand out from the expectation, then you are at the right place. At vspainters. ie, we try to make it simpler for you to receive the commercial services that you and your workspace might need. 


For decades, we are engrossed in providing spray painting services to our clients. Our professional painters are making additional efforts to offer the services within the promised period. Apart from that, we are offering our services at very reasonable rates so that anybody can afford them.


Before initiating any interior painting project, it is vital to keep the walls of your home in the proper condition. Because if your drywall is improperly installed or damaged, it will be hard to cover up the problem, no matter how much paint is used over the place. We ensure that your walls will remain in the best shape for the upcoming project with the repair services.


Construction industry is undergoing so much of changes. There is so much pressure of identification of defects that cause problems, especially in high profile cases. Here comes the prominence of snag list.  Snagging is the term that is used throughout the construction. It is a slang expression and has different meanings based on the different situations. 


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    The selection of the best painting company in Dublin depends on the years of their services and the satisfaction of their previous and existing customers. VS painting has been in this business for over a decade and has the best team of painters who readily work on commercial and individual projects without any concern. For us customers’ wishes matter a lot; therefore our professional painters always listen to them before deciding. Choose us for the service.

    It is quite tricky to state the rate for professional painters as it completely depends on the complexity and size of the task. However, the services of VS painting company are quite reasonable to choose us for your painting work.

    Painting a house interior and exterior is way more complex than it sounds; therefore, instead of wasting resources and time, it is recommended to contact painting services in Dublin for help.

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